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Golf Courses

Golf course architects labor over the placement and the type of trees planted at each hole. Beautiful trees are crucial to how a golf course looks, plays, and feels. Shaping your trees and keeping them beautiful, even on the day they are trimmed, is our highest priority. We are very careful to get input as to exactly what is to be done and then to do it precisely that way for the preservation of the course design. This professionalism is the reason why so many golf courses choose Superior Tree Care to keep their course the way their architect envisioned it.


Working safely is important to us, especially when working in a public place. This is a primary consideration for golf course owners and their guests. We are very careful to not endanger anyone or anything by unsafe actions and are bonded, insured and covered by workman's compensation for the protection of all involved. The quality of work, the beauty of your trees, the care we provide for surrounding property, and the completion of the job as promised will have you coming back year after year. 


Whether you want just one crew on your course to minimize inconvenience to your guests, or you want multiple crews to complete all your tree trimming needs at once, Superior Tree Care is prepared and equipped to exceed your expectations. 


We invite you to fill out the form below for a free estimate on your next tree-trimming/removal project. 

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